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Joseph Hunt

Joseph Hunt, was the leader of the notorious "Billionaire Boys Club," or "BBC," in the early 1980s. His life has been the subject of three books and a miniseries that was seen by over fifty million people. He is the only California prisoner to have successfully represented himself in a capital murder trial. He is doing time on a separate case, also a murder charge. His supposed victim, Ron Levin, a con man who owed Mr. Hunt millions, has never been verifiably located. Levin was out on bail on twelve felony counts when he disappeared. Reports keep coming in that Levin is alive. Mr. Hunt maintains his innocence.

Before his arrest, Mr. Hunt attended USC, and was a floor trader on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He occupies himself now with his ongoing challenge in federal court to his conviction, helping other wrongfully convicted prisoners regain their freedom, the stock market, handball, and Kriya Yoga. Insights gleaned by Mr. Hunt from his two-decade study of the "original Christian teachings" as expounded by the great Indian Master Paramahansa Yogananda are one of the distinguishing features of the Inner World Series.

The second author, Alan Adams, pleaded guilty to a double-murder and was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole in 1993. A few years before, he was a promising student who had his eyes set on the Air Force Academy in Colorado. Through his own life, he knows the path to Hell, having walked it to the point of murder, nay beyond. His journey back began in 1993, when he read Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand. Her "objectivist" system of ethics broke across his consciousness as a revelation. As a product of the public school system, it was the only reasoned exposition of a moral system that he had ever been exposed to. The first consequence within him of Atlas Shrugged was a flood of remorse. He realized not just the wrongness of his actions but the depravity of his very state of mind. He decided he was not fit to live. Though he resolved himself to die, God had other plans for Alan. This series, in a sense, traces his inner journey back from Hell, and into the light.

Alan Adams

Book Two in this four-book series is half written and will be pub li shed in a year. Also in a year, Blue Dharma: The Insider's Guide to the Criminal Justice System will be published. It is a handbook for suspects, arrestees, defendants, and convicts, filled with tips and anecdotes drawn from Mr. Hunt's twenty years behind the wall. Neither criminal defense attorneys, nor prosecutors, are going to be happy about what he has to say. Yet, what you will find in the book, they won't tell you-and his advice may make a difference between hard time and freedom.

Mr. Hunt decided to write Blue Dharma: The Insider's Guide to the Criminal Justice System, after realizing that he had a unique vantage point on criminal defense. Like many others, he had the experience of hiring defense attorneys, only to lose at trial (more than 96% of criminal defendants do). However, when facing murder charges in another case and jurisdiction, he chose to represent himself-and won. It was a seven-month trial in which he called to the stand 107 witnesses, 20 of them experts. NOVA did a special on the groundbreaking computer simulation he presented in the defense case-in-chief.

During the course of a decade spent in county jails fighting those two capital cases, Mr. Hunt coached six men who were also representing themselves to victory. During the ensuing decade in prison, Mr. Hunt wrote habeas petitions that have sent eight lifers home. He has also read the transcripts of well over a hundred murder trials. It is from such sources and experiences that the Insider's Guide is drawn. Hunt's petition seeking to overturn his life-without-possibility-of-parole sentence is now pending in the U.S. District Court, Central District of California. (See Hunt v. Kernan , CV 98-5280 AHS(AN).)

For those interested in learning about that case, a package of the key pleadings can be obtained by writing: Blue Dharma Press, 620 Jefferson Avenue, Redwood City, CA 94063.


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