"This enthralling tale, the first of a four-part series, bears much similarity to The
Lord of the Rings trilogy.  Fans of fantasy fiction...will find a great deal to enjoy.
...A winning and complex tale." 
Kirkus Discoveries, 2008


You see before you book one of the four-part Inner World Series. This epic recounts a struggle between good and evil as it took place in a distant part of the universe, on a planet not unlike our own. Enmeshed in the struggle are souls of surpassing brilliance and souls almost wholly eclipsed by depravity. Demons, Elves, and other creatures most people deem mythical abound.

Wars open with the pages and are spread before the reader. Yet, the Inner World Series is ultimately about human societies and human hearts, how they fall, how they rise, the price of their redemption, and the manner of their salvation.

* * *

Author, Joe Hunt, was the leader of the fabled Billionaire Boys Club, and co-author, Alan Adams, is his cell mate.

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